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Better Yield
Consistent Quality

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A Climate Monitor to take your Growing Business to the next level.


Have Complete Control over your Farm Environment

Measure and Optimise your Farm Parameters with AER 360



Your plants need consistent temperature for maximum yield.

Ideal RH promotes absorption of nutrients and plant health.

Vapour Pressure Deficit | VPD

Maintain correct VPD to optimise the nutrient intake of the plant.

Dew Point

Dew point is the key to avoiding condensation and preventing mold. 

Stay Updated with your Farm

Real-Time Data Tracking 24/7

From anywhere in the world


Integrate with Automation 


Specifications of the device

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Premium Dashboard Access

A One-Stop Platform for the Grower & Agronomist.

Maintain Historical & Live Data of the Farm

Access on Mobile Phone & Laptop from anywhere

Get Actionable Insights with Dashboard Analytics

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Product Warranty

Get 2 Years Warranty on purchase

Like none other in the Market.

Maintenance Support

We Cover One Year of Maintenance.

Join our WeCare Program now!

Get help buying

Have a question? Need help with buying?

Call us at +91 - 84863 54743

Made in India

Best Customer Support

Hassle-free return

Guaranteed Satisfaction

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