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We're on a Mission

To empower next-generation of Growers, to grow the best food in a sustainable way

Built for Growers

Designed for your Farms

4CLIMATE's entire product range has been developed with growers, for growers. This means that our robust, accurate and easy-to-use IoT smart farm automation devices can help you grow the best food as well as lower Input Costs Including Utilities, Nutrients, and Labor. 

Whether you’re growing in soil, hydroponic solution or any other media, we have the perfect product for you. 

Revolutionize the way you grow your food, and manage your farms. 


Technology that Simplify Farming

Bringing innovative hardware and software to deliver actionable insights that help you to improve your produce per square foot per year – predictably, profitably, and at scale.


Environmental Sensors

Our wide range of Environmental sensors allows growers to track Air Temperature, Relative Humidity, VPD, CO2, Lux, PAR, etc. to better manage the farms and avoid crop and plant disease. The sensors are available in combination which saves overrunning costs as well.


Precision Irrigation

Our sustainable agricultural irrigation systems help to save water by delivering the precise amount of water and nutrients straight to the roots of each plant. So you grow bigger, better yields every season – even with fewer resources.


Water Quality Sensors

Our IoT 24x7 online industrial-grade robust water quality sensors monitor real-time parameters like Potential Hydrogen (pH), Conductivity (EC), Total Dissolved Solids (TDS), Dissolved Oxygen (DO), Flow and Temperature, etc. in harsh environments and have continuous long-term usage.

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Dosing Systems

The Dosing system will maintain stable pH and nutrient levels in your reservoir, ensuring optimal nutrient availability for your plants at all times. It responds to triggers received from the IoT Automation Controller, dosing pH adjusters and nutrient stock solutions into your reservoir to achieve optimal conditions for nutrient uptake.


IoT Automation & Control System

Our IoT Edge Automations Controllers help you unlock Next-Generation of cultivation technology & practices. You can set rules and schedule time/sensor triggers at your farm to drive productivity. Now, easily integrates with most industrial equipment like HVAC systems, lights, fans, foggers, valves, and motors.

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Our Farm OS allows you to connect all of the technology in your farm. You and your team can control nearly every device and system on the farm in ways that are intuitive and easy to use. Transform data into actionable insights, Share your workflows with internal team and make an impact on your farm

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